CALENDAR: Fish & Season

New-Fish-Season-Calendar (March 23, 2015)




These months are considered the off-season due to unreliable weather conditions. But it's not uncommon to have runs of wahoo and yellowfin tuna. Some very rewarding and exciting fishing can be experienced during these months.

The official opening of the season in Bermuda, with spring runs of both wahoo and yellowfin tuna, and the occasional billfish.

By early May some of the best yellowfin tuna and wahoo fishing anywhere has started. The tuna range between 20 pounds and over 100 pounds. The wahoo also range from 50 to 100 pounds. The billfish have made their appearance in Bermuda's waters by mid to late May. Fishing in May is always a good bet.

These months are primetime for blue marlin fishing. The wahoo, white marlin and yellowfin tuna are also highly successful fishing during these months. Other fish species: Dolphin, Rainbow runner, Barracuda, Amberjack, and Shark are about. There are lots of calm days and big fish in Bermuda's waters.

This is prime wahoo time. Catches in double figures and double double figures are common. Lots of multiple strikes and lots of action. Yellowfin tuna come back very strong with some larger fish. The blue marlin are still about with catches being recorded as late as November.

The start of our off-season. However, late seasons have been recorded with some really great wahoo and yellowfin tuna catches. The weather can be a little unreliable.