Albatross V

Albaross V - 35 Ft. Henriques Marine Coasters Sports Fisherman Boat

Whether your sipping on champagne or hauling in behemoths ….. this boat brings it all together.
Albatross V is a custom, 1995, 35 foot Henriques Maine Coaster Sport fisherman, built by Henriques boatworks in Bayville, New Jersey. These tough, seaworthy boats were designed primarily for fishing the off shore canyons of New York and New Jersey. They are renowned for their fish-raising ability.
Albatross V was further customized by us to suit the Bermuda fishing environment. The boat is outfitted with the finest gear, fishing tackle and electronics available in the world. Our albatross V is roomy, comfortable, with an air conditioned cabin and a spacious enclosed flying bridge. Our 120 square feet cockpit contains an unlimited lee fighting chair and full cockpit controls. Our boat is also fitted with a bow thruster.

Albaross V Boat Specifications:

  • 35’ x 12’ 3’ Henriques Marine Coasters Sports Fisherman
  • New Cummins 6 cat 8.3 350 HP diesel
  • Unlimited lee fishing chair
  • Air Conditioned Cabin
  • Enclosed flying bridge
  • Latest electronics
  • World Class, Top notch IGFA Shimano Tackle
  • Government approved safety equipment

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