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Looking at eachother on the freeway I Looking Sex Meet

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Looking at eachother on the freeway

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T he interchanges and access points of freeways and highways are not the sexiest of urban spaces. None inspire like a rooftop vista.

But these junctions are central to the life of cities. Some crossroads have cute nicknames: Freeways can be balkanizing even as they keep us moving.

The first freeways—or controlled-access highways—were built in Europe, in Italyfollowed by the German autobahn system in the s, constructed in anticipation of WWII.

Looking at eachother on the freeway transport meant perishable goods could be Height of Frankfort women further and faster, while industries could locate for reasons other than proximity to market.

With reliance on coastal access waning, the freeway system also contributed to the development of interior cities and rural areas.

Like the debate over ships and boatsthe difference between a freeway and a highway can be difficult to parse. The important distinction concerns access and flow.

After all, there is little romance in stopping for a red light. Topographical photographs of traffic interchanges can be at once beautiful and intimidating, brutal and banal.

Commuters may experience the prick Looking at eachother on the freeway past trauma—pedestrians a sense of calm—as ribbons of pavement correlate and meander past, through, and between each other like computer circuitry. Here roads collide, tangled in a kind of dance, finding a hurried unity before heading out in their own directions once again. Sign in Get started.

These photos of freeway spaghetti junctions are oddly mesmerizing Knotty transportation on the road to everywhere. Mar 29, Never miss a story from TimelineLooknig you sign up for Medium. Learn more.

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