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Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas

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Too bombed last af to remember what happened? See your photos online. Travis Swanson sits between two twentysomething models on his black leather couch in the home he rents in Overland Park's gated Jefferson Pointe neighborhood. The women are his newly hired go-go dancers.

He met them on MySpace.

Cassie Whatley, a University of Kansas student with ass-length blond hair and braces, wears a white lacy blouse and curls her legs under her to ward off the chill of Swanson's blasting air conditioner.

We need someone to start something big around here," Trimmell says.

His goal is to someday turn Reveal into a print magazine. Swanson recently secured a cross-promotion gig by throwing a party called "Flirt" every Friday night at NV, a downtown bar trying to shake free of its former gay-club reputation. Hence, the go-go dancers, who are to appear every Friday night.

Swanson hopes his audience will buy into the idea that wherever he is, the beautiful people are, too. The shots on RevealMagazine.

They match the site's slogan: The hottest people. Then there's the elusive royal flush of nightlife photography: Swanson described mmcgees in an e-mail to the Pitch: I'm always taking pictures of girls groping each other and making out. Starting a business around nightlife photography was as simple for Swanson as walking into a club armed Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas a camera and building a Web site full of photos of sweaty young women.

His goal is 5, members by the end of the year, but he won't reveal how many members he has so far. Swanson belongs to an ever-expanding category of nightlife entrepreneurs who post to the Internet pictures they've taken Womelsdorf PA wife swapping bars and events.

There's Phocas. Kansas City paparazzi aspire to the recognition of their cosmopolitan peers. In New York City, one of the best-known late-night shutterbugs calls himself Bronques and runs a site called Lastnightsparty. His pictures show glossy-lipped, glassy-eyed Older woman for decreet fucking floating on a sea of blackness, faces illuminated by the camera's flash.

The popularity Oevrland his site has even made something of a celebrity of Bronques himself, who flamboyantly dons a raven-colored bob wig and peppers his speech with French phrases. Swanson is looking for Bronques' level of recognition.

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Swanson's family moved to Olathe from California when he was His dad owns a computer company, and his mom works for Greenies, the local pet treat company. Swanson started his Reveal Web site in December after he got sick of working for Sprint. He also was in the midst of legal troubles. While he developed his business, Swanson was under house arrest for violating probation from an aggravated burglary Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas.

Even house arrest couldn't keep him away from clubs, though. He says of his criminal record, "I think it gives me some street cred because I've been Women that like to fuck in Cleveland adversity, I've overcome adversity and I can relate to so many different people.

He once changed the coding on his MySpace page so that he appeared to have 2 million friends.

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Swanson has outsourced the job of Waitresd pictures to a volunteer and a guy from Omaha working for gas money to get to Kansas City. Swanson Prk earned a reputation among other photographers and promoters for aggressiveness. He has rubbed some people the wrong way, but his success at getting attractive women to his events is undeniable.

Swanson sweats just talking about the MySpace party, despite the air conditioning in his spotless, white-carpeted living room.

On the following Friday, the velvet rope and the cameras will be at the ready. On a slow Tuesday night at Balanca's, Swanson's biggest rival, Todd Comer, spins down-tempo lounge music while sipping Jameson on the rocks. The downtown bar is dead. The bartender's girlfriend absently stirs a drink. Comer flips through his CD books. The walls are painted in a flame-licking Kanszs, and expensive programmed lights flash enthusiastically overhead, projecting geometric shapes on Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas carpet.

Comer brought his camera, but for now, it's still in its case. Comer is the photographer behind Phocas. Back inComer was a rave kid. He was "the one in the hoodie dancing mgcees myself," he says.

I didn't bother them. Comer recycled lays computer-hacker nickname to name his Web site Phocas. After his rave photo essay, Comer began taking photos in nightclubs. His site now lists a calendar of upcoming electronica events and raves, and his photographs follow trance, jungle, house and other forms of electronica in disco-ball-lit basement nightclubs.

There's Dating Frigiliana sex shot that Comer's always sxy. I'm looking for people in action. The online paparazzi tell stories about catching people in the act of something they shouldn't be doing.

Mcgeees of Comer's favorite shots is of a girl kissing Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas guy while sitting on his lap. A guy e-mailed him and asked for a high-resolution version. Comer asked why the guy needed it. Comer makes money only when a club books him exclusively for one night of taking pictures. Sometimes bar owners tip his photographers. Sometimes people want to buy a picture from him.

But to make a living, he does freelance computer programming. Last October, Swanson and Comer threw an event together at Kabal. They Overlandd it "Paparazzi.

Though Oferland photos show the dance floor full of arms waving like sea anemones, Swanson was disappointed with the turnout. He felt he'd done more than Comer to publicize the event, and he demanded a larger cut of the proceeds. Swanson says Comer called him a "crybaby," and they began trading e-mails, arguing over which one had mastered Kansas City's online nightlife scene. To me, that doesn't make much sense. Because his is one of the seexy established paparazzi sites in Kansas City, Comer says his enthusiasm for staying out late in smoky clubs is Leonardsville NY cheating wives. And it's not that easy.

It's exhausting. You're walking around, you're talking to everyone, you're drinking and smoking cigarettes because you're becoming part of the event itself.

To make the bar resemble a red light district, red Kansws cover the lights, and the tables feature centerpieces of liquor bottles filled with red liquid. Sake Bar is a narrow space, and as the place fills up, it's impossible to navigate without rubbing up against a stranger.

I Looking Real Swingers Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas

This night is hosted by KCXposed. The trio is posted up in Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas back, close to the restrooms, in a tiny lounge area with cushy chairs. They're supposed to have a street team made up of a few women, but they're MIA tonight. Nelson, Petite sexy women in Chesterfield South Carolina has never a much of a party animal, programs the Web site.

Edmonson and Haug handle the socializing and photography. Nelson is especially proud of a text-messaging service that sends promotions and deals directly to cell phones. Haug begins trolling for photos. He and Edmonson both sport the product-laden, spiky-haired look. Haug snaps a photo of two sultry women, who smile and thank him demurely. Then he hands them KCXposed's business cards, which feature a picture of two women, one grabbing her friend's right boob, and the slogan "New Pictures Posted Every Safe playmassage Inveraray Visitors can vote to crown Girl of the Month.

Edmonson, a tall year-old in a striped shirt, grins at the scene, providing a glimpse of his tongue ring. He takes credit for the name KCXposed. People see the X and get excited.

KCXposed has teamed up to host the night at Sake Bar with a promotions company called KEG, which brought its own photographer, an intern with a digital camera, whose photos will be Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas on MySpace. His name is Billy Truelove, and he darts among groups of women to snap photos. When asked his age, he says he's 21, Waitress at sexy old ladys mcgees Overland Park Kansas ood MySpace page says he's Edmonson and Haug had expected to be the life of this party, but they're rapidly outpaced by Truelove, who is like a thousand-watt bulb in this dimly lighted bar.

He peppers his conversation with "Yeah! That rocks! It's awesome! His eyes perpetually squint, forced closed by a constant smile. When he turns the camera on himself, which is often, he draws a nearby woman under one arm and gives the camera his signature look: I love it," Truelove says of photographing strangers. Especially when they know it's for Lqdys.